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Skwlax te Secwepemc


The Little Shuswap Lake Band has jurisdiction over the following 5 reserves totaling 3,112.700 hectares

Quaaout IR No. 1

Quaaout is the main reserve of the Little Shuswap Lake Band. It is located on the north side of the Squilax Bridge.​  Little Shuswap Lake Band leases out the majority of the lakeshore properties.

Quaaout IR No. 1 is 1,726.000 hectares in size.


Chum Creek IR No. 2

Chum Creek is located on the southern shore of Little River and is bisected by the Trans Canada Highway.  It extends from near the Squilax General Store and Hostel to Silvery Beach.  The majority of properties at Chum Creek are held under Certificate of Possession (CP) by members of the Band.

Chum Creek IR No. 2 is 195.700 hectares in size.


Meadow Creek IR No. 3

Meadow Creek is located in Turtle Valley.  This reserve is unpopulated and is mainly swamp land.

Meadow Creek IR No. 3 is 24.300 hectares in size.


Scotch Creek IR No. 4

Scotch Creek is located along the shores of the Big Shuswap Lake and adjacent to Scotch Creek.  Lands have been designated for leasing purposes along Hilliam Frontage Road.  No residents of Little Shuswap Lake Band reside at Scotch Creek.

Scotch Creek IR No. 4 is 851.900 hectares in size.


North Bay IR No. 5

North Bay is traditionally known as Silketwa and is located in Tappen, BC with properties along Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road and behind Tappen Coop to Tappen Esso.

North Bay IR No. 5 is 314.800 hectares in size.

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