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Village Operations & Maintenance - Tanner Francois, Manager

The Little Shuswap Lake Band Village O&M Department is responsible for the consistent and safe delivery of municipal-type services including the operation, maintenance and repair of community and commercial buildings and infrastructure.   A team of dedicated, hard-working individuals assist the Manager of O&M fulfill the service provision mandate handed down from LSLB leadership.   Community infrastructure is exceedingly valuable.   Village O&M is responsible for ensuring the infrastructure that helps facilitate the delivery of services is maintained at a high level.   Well maintained and operated infrastructure will provide the longest possible life cycle helping to sustain a high level of service for future generations.   


Utilities – Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewer


Transportation – Road and Pathways




Fleet Maintenance


Building Services


Solid Waste and Recycling


Capital Project support

Village Operations and Maintenance Team

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Tanner Francois, Manager

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Natalie Bell, Assistant Manager

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Les Anthony, Supervisor

LSBS (6)_edited.png

John Tomma, Operator, Utilites Divison

LSBS (6)_edited.png

David Villenueva - Solid Waste & Recycling Operator

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Keith Finlay - Building Maintenance Worker

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Jay Jules - Village O&M Worker

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Eddie Arnouse - Village O&M Worker

LSBS (6)_edited.png

Alison Peterson - Village O&M Worker

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