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Administration - 
Executive Director, Leslie Quanstrom

The Administration Department plays a critical role in the success of our organization. It is very important to keep everything functioning smoothly as our department bridges the gap between all organizational processes through effective communication and policy implementation. We ensure the efficient performance of all departments while encouraging a healthy environment for our employees.

The Administration team is very excited to continue rolling out the administrative work plan to create a high level of workplace productivity and efficiency amongst all departments through authority, equity and initiative. Through departmental meetings and strategic planning, we have many ideas to make the necessary changes to ensure a long-term investment and growth while creating a workplace for future generations, driven by membership.

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Human Resources 
Rhonda Whitney

Band Member Housing - Destiny Francois, Property Manager

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Village Operations & Management - Tanner Francios, Manager

Education - Craig Duck Chief, Manager

Band Membership - Beverly Tomma, Coordinator

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Communication (2).png

Emergency Management - Paul Gamble, Fire Chief & Andrea Stelter, Coordinator

Communications -

Larry Read

Administration Team

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Leslie Quanstrom, Executive Director

Kristy Pollock , Executive Assistant 

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LSBS (6)_edited.png

 Office Manager

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LSBS (6)_edited.png

Debbie MacKenzie , Receptionist

Whitney Jim, Filing Assistant

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