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Finance Department - Brenda Spencer, Manager

The core objectives are the maintenance of the financial records, the meeting of reporting requirements, and the maintenance of strong governance in the form of policies and procedures so that the assets of the band are protected, now and for future generations. This responsibility encompasses a broad range of functions, such as: providing accounting services to Administration, Territorial Resource Stewardship and Business Development which includes Quaaout Lodge & Spa at Talking Rock Resort and Chevron Gas Station. We are also responsible for collecting lease and taxation revenues.

Accounting Services

Planning and Budgeting


Advisory Services

Risk Management and Insurance

Information Managment

Capital Asset Management

Wealth Management

Members Services

Planning and budgeting are essential to ensure that we manage our current cashflow efficiently. We achieve leadership goals by accessing funding, initiating projects and saving in the form of reserves for the future. We provide support with advisory services, either directly to leadership or to specific projects by sitting on steering committees. Business Development and the extension of own source revenue is a key focus. As the band grows, in term of the services provided to members, new capital project and increased business development, the Finance Department will need to grow to ensure it can maintaining financial integrity.

Finance Department Team

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Brenda Spencer, Finance Manager

Darren Gennrich, Financial Analyst

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Brian Finlay, Financial Analyst

Danielle Jenkins, Payroll Administrator

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LSBS (6)_edited.png

Marjie Lafreniere, Payroll Administrator

Jacqueline Manuel, Accounts Payable

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LSBS (6)_edited.png

Chrissy Bell, Accounts Receivable


Loretta Wood, Accounting Assistant

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Lynn den Dulk, Accounting Assistant

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