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Archaeological Soil Sediment Sites

Please be advised that the Lands and Archaeology Departments will be clearing portions of Band land in preparation of archaeological soil sediments storage locations on Quaaout IR No. 1, Scotch Creek IR No. 4 and North Bay IR No. 5

These sediments have come from various sources on Little Shuswap Lake Band lands and mainly from leaseholder lots undergoing earth works. 

Due to the volume of work that the Archaeology department current has going, the soils deposited here will be sifted at a later date and checked for artifacts.  For more information contact Syvlia Andrews or Sarina Hardisty in the Lands Department.

Stack of Boxes
Cardboard Boxes

Quaaout IR No. 1

Little Shuswap Lake Road East

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Scotch Creek IR No. 4

Hilliam Road

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North Bay IR No. 5

James Road

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